Tips for the actual baking procedure

  You prepared the ingredients and then mixed them. Don`t think you`re done yet! The actual baking procedure is very important too. It`s important to leave the cake in the oven as long as the recipe sais, not more, not less.

Coloured biscuits

  This easy recipe is for tasty colored biscuits. You can choose any colors that you want, and the taste will be the same. It`s not just a weekend cake, they look very well, and you can make them for Christmas for example.

Home made marshmallows

   Homemade marshmallows are way better than those bought from the store. It has a real authentic taste. You can put these marshmallows on top of the muffins, in your hot chocolate or you just can eat them as they are. They`re great any way you eat them.

Kitchen supplies II - measuring and other

    Measuring the ingredients is a very important part in baking a cake. You should measure all the ingredients before you start baking something. And remember to prepare all your needed ingredients on the table, because they all have to be at room temperature. 

Basic kitchen supplies

   Before you start baking, you have to make sure that you have all the supplies helping you in the kitchen. If you are a beginner, I will make you a presentation of the basic supplies that you need in the kitchen, followed by some tips. There are so many basic supplies, that I think it will take me more than one post. :)

Pizza muffins

 I`ve got this great recipe from a friend of mine. I don`t really know if we can consider this as beeing an actual cake, that you can make with all kind of creams or frosting. It`s some kind of combination between cake and pizza. The fact is that these pizza muffins are great on a cold winter weekend evening.

Home made TIRAMISU

  Tiramisu is one of the cakes that has many recipes. I`ve tried many of them, and I decided to stick with this one. Tiramisu is a great cake, the only problem is that I tend to eat it very fast :(. 

Hungarian varga beles (noodle cake)

    I`m half Hungarian from my mother`s side and that explains the fact that I know and I post many Hungarian recipes. This one, varga beles also known by some as noodle cake, is a sweet combination. I`m not sure if we can say it`s a cake, it`s a combination of cake and food. The basic idea is that it`s very tasty and yummy.

Duo cake

   I just love this duo cake recipe that I have from my to be mother in law. It`s the best cake with milk powder that I`ve ever tasted. It`s very easy to make, especially considering the fact that you don`t have to bake anything. You just have to make the creams.

How to prepare and work with yeast

   Yeast is used in cakes to make them soft and fluffy and also to expand them. Although some people say that you can use yeast or baking powder for any cakes you want, it`s not true. You need to follow what the recipe says. 


   I know that working in the kitchen isn`t easy for everyone. For me is pretty easy because I just love making cakes and mixing ingredients, and try out all sort of new recipes.

Cheese cake with raisins

   This is another cheesecake that I love, and it`s with raisins. There are some people who don`t like raisins. If you are one of them, you can still make this cake, just don`t put the raisins in it. The cake is tasty without raisins too. For this cake, instead of the basic cake, we will use cake sheets.

Chocolate frosting

 Sometimes finding the perfect frosting can be difficult. We have so many options, that we can`t even decide which one to try. This is a very easy and quick chocolate frosting, that you can use on any cake you want. And after my lemon frosting recipe, I'm telling you the recipe for this easy chocolate frosting.

Lemon frosting

    There are some recipes that have their own personalized frosting. But as I said in another post, in the kitchen, any combination is possible. You can use this lemon frosting on any cake you want, on muffins, or just on a simple basic cake. 

Simple basic cake

   Most cakes have their own cake batter recipe. But sometimes, you can make all sort of combinations in the kitchen. So, when you`re not in the mood to follow one precise recipe, you can always use this simple basic cake batter recipe and just add any kind of cream or frosting that you want.

Ground nuts cake

    If you like nuts, this cake is perfect for you. It`s very easy to make, and it has incomparable taste. The ingredients for the cake sheets are:

Kati cake

  This cake has Hungarian origins. Kati is a Hungarian name, which is in English Catherine or Katy. I don`t really know why some Hungarian cakes have women`s names, but it doesn`t really matter. Once you`ve tasted this cake, you won`t be interested why it`s called Kati. 

Fanta cheese cake

  As some of my recipes, I have some strange ingredient combinations. This cake has cheese and Fanta juice. Some of you might find this combination very strange, but trust me, after you taste this cake, you won`t be sorry at all.

Cake sheets

 As I promised in my older posts, I will show you how to make the cake sheets. I have lots of recipes that involve these sheets. The process is pretty simple. So, here we go. :)

Lemon cake

I really don`t know why this cake is called 'lemon cake'. It`s not entirely of lemon, but it`s a recipe that I have from my grandmother, and it`s called like this since she was a child. So, I won`t change its name. Here is the recipe.

Honey cake

   Hi everyone. After the delicious chocolate cake wrapped in coconut, I am back with this amazing recipe. Honey cake is one of my favorite cakes since I`ve been a child. And it is pretty easy to make it. Just follow my recipe and your taste buds will be very happy :)

So, for this cake, you need the following ingredients:
- 1 egg
- 30 gr butter
- 150 gr sugar
- 2 spoons honey
- 4 spoons milk
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 450 gr flour

Chocolate cake wrapped in coconut


Hi there. I`m here with my first recipe. In this post, I will share the recipe for these easy and delicious chocolate cakes wrapped in coconut. This one is pretty simple, and it`s just yummy. You might know them by the name of lamingtons :)