Cake sheets

 As I promised in my older posts, I will show you how to make the cake sheets. I have lots of recipes that involve these sheets. The process is pretty simple. So, here we go. :)

  The ingredients you need for these sheets may differ from a recipe to another. The basic ingredients are mainly the same, you will find them in all my recipes. 
  You have to knead the ingredients in order for the cake sheets to be good. Just pour some flour on your clean kitchen counter, and you can start working.

  If the dough is really sticky, you can add a little more flour so you can work with it more easily.

Now that your dough is done, split it how many pieces the recipe says. You will bake these cake sheets on the back of your tray. 
You can do this in two ways. You need to make sure, that while it`s baking, your sheet won`t stick to the tray: 
  1. You can use a little oil and flour before you put the dough on the tray. You put a little oil on the back of the tray, and then some flour on it, just a little so that the tray is white.
  2. You can also use baking paper, that you can buy from any supermarket.

   So, you put the dough on the back of the tray and just stretch it
out using a rolling pin.

 You put the tray in the oven until the cake sheet turns to gold. It takes about 10-15 minutes until it`s ready, don`t let it be red (then it`s burned). When it`s done, the cake sheets should look golden, as in the picture below.

Don`t worry if they don`t look perfect. On these sheets, you`ll be putting some kind of cream, and nobody will see if they aren`t perfect. Sometimes they can break, like mine did a little in the sides, in the picture below. These things happen, so don`t worry at all. 

See how easy it is? If you have any questions, I will gladly answer.
Enjoy :)

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