About me

 What can I say about me? Just a few words so you know who gives you all these recipes. My name is Cristina, I`m 28 and I`m a huge cake lover! This sounds a little bit as if I were at a cakeaholic meeting for the first time. :)

   I decided to make this blog so I can share my easy recipes with everybody. I love baking cakes, I also love eating them, and so does my whole family and all of my friends. 

  All the recipes that I put on this blog come from my family,friends, neighbours, and they all have a few changes that I made, for a better taste.

   Never forget that in order to make a good cake, the most important thing is that you have to like making it. Enjoy! :) 


Each and every comment is a true delight for me, so please don`t be shy.