Hungarian varga beles (noodle cake)

    I`m half Hungarian from my mother`s side and that explains the fact that I know and I post many Hungarian recipes. This one, varga beles also known by some as noodle cake, is a sweet combination. I`m not sure if we can say it`s a cake, it`s a combination of cake and food. The basic idea is that it`s very tasty and yummy.

How to prepare and work with yeast

   Yeast is used in cakes to make them soft and fluffy and also to expand them. Although some people say that you can use yeast or baking powder for any cakes you want, it`s not true. You need to follow what the recipe says. 

Chocolate frosting

 Sometimes finding the perfect frosting can be difficult. We have so many options, that we can`t even decide which one to try. This is a very easy and quick chocolate frosting, that you can use on any cake you want. And after my lemon frosting recipe, I'm telling you the recipe for this easy chocolate frosting.

Lemon frosting

    There are some recipes that have their own personalized frosting. But as I said in another post, in the kitchen, any combination is possible. You can use this lemon frosting on any cake you want, on muffins, or just on a simple basic cake. 

Simple basic cake

   Most cakes have their own cake batter recipe. But sometimes, you can make all sort of combinations in the kitchen. So, when you`re not in the mood to follow one precise recipe, you can always use this simple basic cake batter recipe and just add any kind of cream or frosting that you want.