Fanta cheese cake

  As some of my recipes, I have some strange ingredient combinations. This cake has cheese and Fanta juice. Some of you might find this combination very strange, but trust me, after you taste this cake, you won`t be sorry at all.

Cake sheets

 As I promised in my older posts, I will show you how to make the cake sheets. I have lots of recipes that involve these sheets. The process is pretty simple. So, here we go. :)

Lemon cake

I really don`t know why this cake is called 'lemon cake'. It`s not entirely of lemon, but it`s a recipe that I have from my grandmother, and it`s called like this since she was a child. So, I won`t change its name. Here is the recipe.

Honey cake

   Hi everyone. After the delicious chocolate cake wrapped in coconut, I am back with this amazing recipe. Honey cake is one of my favorite cakes since I`ve been a child. And it is pretty easy to make it. Just follow my recipe and your taste buds will be very happy :)

So, for this cake, you need the following ingredients:
- 1 egg
- 30 gr butter
- 150 gr sugar
- 2 spoons honey
- 4 spoons milk
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 450 gr flour

Chocolate cake wrapped in coconut


Hi there. I`m here with my first recipe. In this post, I will share the recipe for these easy and delicious chocolate cakes wrapped in coconut. This one is pretty simple, and it`s just yummy. You might know them by the name of lamingtons :)