About me

 What can I say about me? Just a few words so you know who gives you all these recipes. My name is Cristina, I`m 28 and I`m a huge cake lover! This sounds a little bit as if I were at a cakeaholic meeting for the first time. :)

   I decided to make this blog so I can share my easy recipes with everybody. I love baking cakes, I also love eating them, and so does my whole family and all of my friends. 

  All the recipes that I put on this blog come from my family,friends, neighbours, and they all have a few changes that I made, for a better taste.

   Never forget that in order to make a good cake, the most important thing is that you have to like making it. Enjoy! :) 


  1. Cris, thanks for putting Carole's Chatter on your blog roll. I'm signing up to follow you too! Cheers

  2. Yummy looking recipes. I'm trying to choose which one to make for the weekend.


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