How to Make a Moist Cake

     Hello there. I am continuing my Tips & Tricks articles. I really hope that these articles are helping you become a better baker or at least they help you understand what's happening in your oven :) In this article, I will be talking about how to make a moist cake. I think we have all been there before. Spending hours on finding a perfect recipe, following it, and in result, we got a dry cake. For our luck, there are some tips that will help us get a delicious and moist cake every time.

No Bake Banana Dessert

     Although I love baking, during these hot summer days I rather prepare a simple no-bake dessert. It's hot enough already, I don't think I need the oven to make my kitchen hotter. I know that bananas are not summer fruits, but I was craving for something sweet with bananas, so here you have it. A super easy, no-bake banana dessert.

How to cut a cake?

     Cutting a cake might seem like such an easy thing to do. Until you manage to fail right in front of your in-laws or other special guests. How can you fail by cutting a cake, you might ask. It's simple: the knife can stick to your cake (or frosting, or cream) causing it to tear apart. And you will be left with a slice of crumbs. I have made this mistake many times until I learned how to cut a cake properly.

Strawberry Milkshake

     Hello, my dear friends. Summer is already here, and I feel like celebrating. I simply love summer: I love the hot weather, the beautiful sunshine and of course, I love summer`s delicious fruits! So today I have prepared for you a very easy Strawberry Milkshake recipe with only 3 ingredients. It's a very refreshing drink, perfect for these hot and long summer days.

How to Make Perfect Muffins

     If you follow my blog (and if not, you really should hit the subscribe button!) you definitely noticed that I have a "thing" for muffins. I just love them! I love baking them, experience with them, and of course eating them! What I love most about muffins is that you can have them whenever you want: for breakfast, brunch, dinner, on a road trip or they can even be a great snack for kids at school. I want to share with you a couple of tips on how to make perfect muffins. I am no expert, but baking as much as I do, I have learned some things over the years. Once you know how to make a basic muffin, you can make anything you want with them!

Pomegranate Muffins

   Today I am sharing with you my pomegranate muffins recipe. I have to admit that this vitamin-rich fruit is my new favorite fruit. I love its sweet-sour taste and for the last couple of days, I have been eating it like a crazy person. Pomegranate is my newest obsession, so I thought I could bake something delicious with it.