No Bake Salami Cake with Chocolate and Coconut

      This super delicious no bake cake has been one of my favorites since I know myself. As a child, my mother had to make this cake every holiday, with no exception.  As a grown up, I don`t make it so often, but it`s still one of my favorites.

Salty Muffins Easy Recipe

        Nowadays, it seems that muffins aren`t just muffins.    There are so many available combinations you can make, and that is amazing. You have to admit, muffins are delicious. I have a really easy recipe for salty muffins. What I love so much about this, is that it`s so easy to measure all the ingredients. All you need is a cup of yogurt :)

Easy cake recipes for Easter

     I don`t  know about you, but whenever a holiday is aproaching, I`m always on the clock. Such in a hurry all the time; the cleaning, th food, the sweets. It`s like 24 hours per day is not enought. This is why I thought to put together some of my yummiest and easiest cake recipes. The best part of these cakes is that you can make them ahead. They can all be stored easily in a cool place, so you can make them with a couple of days before Easter.

Ferrero Rocher Birthday Cake


  In the beginning of this week, it was my birthday. If you follow my blog, you know that I tried a recipe for Ferrero Rocher cake.   If you`re not following me, you can click here and see what I`ve done. The first try wasn`t as amazing as I expected, but I managed to improve a little the recipe, so here is the final one.

Ferrero Rocher Cake

 In about 2 weeks it will be my birthday. As usually, I want to try something new and fantastic. This year, I decided to try the cake before my birthday. I found so many Ferrero Rocher cakes recipes that I spent a whole week deciding which one to try. I finally decided to combine some of them, and this is the result. :)