Baking Conversion Charts

   I have loved baking and eating cookies and cakes since I've known myself. This is thanks to my mother, who is an excellent cooker and baker, and she always allowed me to help her out in the kitchen. Back in the days, all we had was my mom's and granny's recipe notebooks. Everything was simple because we know the measurement every recipe had, and there was no need for something like a Baking Conversion Chart. 
   Nowadays, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of recipes out there. And at the same time, there are many different measurements available for the ingredients. If you read the "About Me" corner, you know that I am from Europe, Romania; to be more precise, Transilvania (the land of Dracula 😊). I baked all my life measuring my ingredients using milliliters and grams.

   Then I wanted to try out more recipes from all around the world. Although most of the recipes were easy to work with, I got very confused when it came to measuring the ingredients. So very confused! Sometimes it would take me as much as half an hour to make the baking conversions and to make sure that I measured everything correctly. 
   That is why I decided to write this post. I know how measuring the ingredients in other metric that you are used to can be very confusing. It could even make you want to give up to that delicious recipe, not having the time and patience to make the conversions. 

   Measuring the ingredients correctly according to a given recipe gives you the success of perfect baking. Estimating or wrongly measuring the ingredients, even slightly, can end up in a baking disaster. Please remember that you should always follow a recipe unless you want to make baking experiments. 

   Before you even think of baking something, you should make sure that you have the proper measuring utensils. I will have another post showing you my favorite measuring "tools".

    I prepared for you some basic baking conversion charts. Furthermore, I prepared a free printable list. This contains the most commonly used ingredients in baking, in a friendly and easy printable chart. All you have to do is subscribe to my blog, and you will receive in your email the baking conversion charts.

     First, let's start with the most common volume conversions:

1 cup240 ml16 tablespoon8 oz
3/4 cup180 ml12 tablespoons6 oz
1/2 cup120 ml8 tablespoons4 oz
1/3 cup80 ml5 tablespoons2 2/3 oz
1/4 cup60 ml4 tablespoons2 oz

pinch/dash2/3 drops (liquid)
less than 1/8 teaspoon (dry)
1 tablespoon3 teaspoons1/2 oz15 ml
2 tablespoons6 teaspoons1 oz30 ml

   Now that you have the basic conversion charts, let me show you the conversion charts for the basic baking ingredients, such as flour, granulated white sugar, brown sugar and butter.

1 cup150 gr5.3 oz
1/2 cup75 gr2.6 oz
1/3 cup50 gr1.8 oz
1/4 cup40 gr1.3 oz

* This conversion chart is for all purpose flour, and it's the same measurement as for the confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)

Granulated SugarCupsGramsOunces
1 cup200 gr7 oz
1/2 cup100 gr3.5 oz
1/3 cup65 gr2.29 oz
1/4 cup50 gr1.78 oz

1 cup225gr8 oz
1/2 cup115 gr4 oz / 1 stick
1/3 cup75 gr2.7 oz 
1/4 cup55 gr2 oz

   I also prepared for you a conversion chart including the most commonly oven temperatures used: 

225 F100 C
300 F150 C
325 F160 C
350 F180 C
375 F190 C
400 F200 C
425 F220 C
450 F230 C
550 F290 C

   Now, I know that at first sight, all my baking conversion charts might seem a little bit confusing and overwhelming. It definitely was for me. But as time passed, and as much as I worked with other measurements, I realized that all I needed was more experience. Don't let these little differences stop you for baking those delicious cookies, cakes or anything else. Roll up your sleeves, and get to baking. 
   Subscribe to my blog to get 3 amazing free printable baking conversion charts  that will surely help you out You can print them, and let them make your baking process more easier. Don't forget to share this with your friends and family!

   Happy Baking!


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