Royal white frosting

   How many times did it happen that you finally made your perfect cake, and now you don`t know what frosting you could decorate it?  It did happen to me plenty of times until I found this royal white frosting. It`s very easy and quick to make, and it looks good on any cakes or even cookies. Here is the recipe:

  The ingredients are:
- 2 egg whites
- 350 gr powdered sugar
- 2 spoons of lemon juice
- 2 teaspoons starch

   You can use the electric mixer in mingling the ingredients for the frosting. First, beat up the egg whites with the mixer, until they get firm. Then, add the lemon juice and the starch. 

 Start adding the sugar, spoon by spoon. Don`t just drop all the sugar in there, add it slowly, one spoon by one. Keep mixing until you finished adding the whole sugar, and your composition thickens. 
If you want to check if your frosting is done, just use a spoon. If the composition streams from the spoon, you have to mix it a little bit more, and if not, your frosting is done. 

   Now you can use your royal frosting on whatever you want.
Enjoy :)


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