I know that working in the kitchen isn`t easy for everyone. For me is pretty easy because I just love making cakes and mixing ingredients, and try out all sort of new recipes.

   It was pretty easy for me to learn some things in kitchen with my mom beeing beside me all the time. But I do realise, that for someone that doesn`t have much experience in baking or cooking, some things can be tricky. I will try and post some tips and trick to make your time in kitchen to be more easy and fun.


Some of the posts will be for the ones that try to bake a cake for the first time, and some will be just some tips that I`ve learned as the years passed.

   Some of the recipes that I post on this blog are really basic easy cakes that you can make in a weekend when you have a sweet tooth for home made cakes. Beside these easy cakes, you can also find some more developed recipes that requires you to spend more time in the kitchen.
   If you  have any questions just write a comment, and I will do my best to help you.

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