Tips for mixing


   Now that you have all your ingredients prepared and measured, you have to mingle them, to mix them. There are some for which you can use the electric mixer and some that it`s better to use a spatula. Anyway, here are the tips:

    Always incorporate dry ingredients together, and then add the liquid ones. Another thing with dry and liquid ingredients is that you have to start and end with the dry ones, of course alternating with the liquid ones.
    After you added the dry ingredients to the liquid ones, don`t overmix your composition. You just have to mix it until all the ingredients incorporate.
    When you mingle butter with sugar, make sure your cream is fluffy and that it has a pale yellow color. It will take you several minutes.
When you use the electric mixer, don`t use it at full speed. The best way of using the electric mixer is at a medium speed. The ingredients will mingle perfectly.

   When you use a batter to mingle the egg yolks with other ingredients, first beat a little the egg yolk with a fork.

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