Kitchen supplies II - measuring and other

    Measuring the ingredients is a very important part in baking a cake. You should measure all the ingredients before you start baking something. And remember to prepare all your needed ingredients on the table, because they all have to be at room temperature. 

  For measuring your ingredients, you can either use cups made of plastic or stainless steel. You need two measuring cups: one for the dry ingredients and one for the liquid ones. 

  You also need some spoons. I know that there are some special measuring spoons,
but I always use normal spoons for measuring the ingredients ( and that`s how all my recipes work). So, I just use a normal spoon and normal teaspoons, you will see the examples in the photos.

  You also need a pastry board to pastry dough or for rolling out the pie. I recommend the wooden one. 

There are also some other supplies that you shouldn`t forget about. Make sure you always have beside you dish towels or paper towels. 

You also need baking sheet, for your cake not to get burned on the 
bottom of the tray.

  It`s important that you have oven mitts. It`s very easy to work with them, and you make sure that you don`t burn your hand when getting out the cake from the oven.  
   You might also need an electric mixer, for finishing the cream faster. 

   These are just some basic supplies that you need in the kitchen. I really hope I didn`t forget anything. I will also make a list without the explanations, to be easier to know what you have and what you don`t have...

So, here is the list of basic supplies you need for baking:

- bowls
- metal, wooden or rubber spatula
- trays
- whisk
- grater
- measuring cups
- measuring spoons
- pots
- dish towels
- baking sheet
- oven mitts
- electric mixer

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