Ground nuts cake

    If you like nuts, this cake is perfect for you. It`s very easy to make, and it has incomparable taste. The ingredients for the cake sheets are:

- 100gr sugar                                 
- 200 gr butter
- 300 gr flour
- 1 egg

Mingle well all these ingredients and then bake 2 cake sheets.

For the cream, you need:
- 200 gr sugar
- 100 ml milk
- 200 gr ground nuts
- 2 spoons flour
- 1 spoon vanilla sugar
- 200 gr butter
- 1 spoon rum

   First you mingle the nuts with the flour. Then, you boil the sugar with the milk, and add the nuts with the flour. Boil the whole composition for a fex minutes, and after you let it cool, add the butter and mingle it well.
  You can put one nut on the top of every cake if you want.I think it looks better this way. Enjoy



  1. ooh Great recipe. should try it for the wife

    PhenoMenon, ABCW

  2. That should taste yumm. Thanks for the steps.
    Happy WW!

  3. I admire everybody who can bake a cake! And I love eating them. I tried to bake a cake once, but the result was so disappointing. My daughters said :" it looks like an extra thick pancake. It tasted good, but I decided never to bake a cake in all my life.
    But your cakes look fabulous!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  4. Calling by for ABC Wednesday, thanks for your visit and comment. I am not a great cake maker or eater but it looks good.

  5. It does sound easy to make, and it looks delicious!

  6. Love the recipe and it looks yumm; definitely will try it out and have it as a treat after reaching my goals!!

  7. WAY too much food for the eyes before dinner!

  8. I like to eat cake but I have never baked one :) !

  9. can you substitute with other nuts? I am allergic to ground nuts.

    1. Yes, you can substitute with other nuts. It will still taste amazing!

  10. Fantastic! Now that's what I call a post :D


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