Duo cake

   I just love this duo cake recipe that I have from my to be mother in law. It`s the best cake with milk powder that I`ve ever tasted. It`s very easy to make, especially considering the fact that you don`t have to bake anything. You just have to make the creams.

Instead of the classic simple basic cake or the cake sheets, this cake needs 3 big waffle sheets. 
For the first cream, you need:
- 250 gr sugar
- 100 gr butter
- 2 spoons cocoa
- 300 gr simple biscuits
- 4 eggs

   First mingle a little the eggs with the sugar, butter, and cocoa. Then, boil the composition in Bain Marie for about 20 minutes. Add the crumbled biscuits and continue boiling until the cream thickens.

For the second cream, you need:
- 400 gr sugar
- 100 ml water
- 200 gr butter
- 400 gr milk powder

  First, boil the water with the sugar, until you have a syrup. Add the butter until it melts completely. Take down the pan from the stove and add the milk powder. Mingle it all well.

   Now put together the cake. It should go like this: waffle, first cream, waffle, second cream and on the top the third waffle. 
  When you put together the cake don`t worry if the second cream flows out a little. I`ve made this cake lots of times and every time the second cream flowed out a little. The right amount of cream will remain between the waffles.

Any opinions about this tasty one? Just write a comment. Enjoy :)

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