Clasic pancakes


   Every person who knows how to bake some cakes should know how to make pancakes. I know that out there are lots and lots of pancake recipes, but I`ll still tell you one of the recipes I use the most.

   So, what you need is:
- 450 gr flour
- 1 pinch of salt
- 3 eggs
- 6 spoons sugar
- 450 ml milk
- 3 spoons butter
- 1 teaspoon baking powder

   First, mingle the flour with the baking powder. In another bowl mingle the milk, sugar, eggs, salt, and butter. When this composition is almost done, and the flour. You can use the electric mixer to mix well all the ingredients. 

  When it`s done you can start making the pancakes.
   If you don`t have a special tray for pancakes, don`t worry because you can make them on a normal tray.
   Use a middle ladle to make a circle from the composition on the tray. You can easily rotate the tray in your hand to make the composition spread a little and get a round shape. Don`t worry if your pancakes won`t be perfectly even. You have to try it out for several times, but trust me, the taste is the same. Enjoy :)

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