Boema cake

  Boema cake looks extremely good, and don`t get me started about the
taste. This cake a very elegant one, it can be easily served for those demanding guests that tend to criticize everything only by looking at them.

What you need for the cake batter is:
- 5 eggs
- 3 spoons water
- 2 spoons cocoa
- 8 spoons sugar
- 8 spoons flour

 Just mingle well all these ingredients, and bake the composition for about 20 minutes. You can use the electric mixer, to finish it faster.

For the cream, you need:
- 1 egg
- 150 gr butter
- 350 gr sugar
- 4 spoons instant coffee (ness)
- 500 ml whipped cream

   Mingle the egg with the butter and sugar, and boil the composition on Bain Marie until it thickens. After it cooled a little add the coffee and mingle well with the whipped cream.

On the basic cake put the cream and on top 500 ml whipped cream. You can decorate with some chocolate. And the boema cake is done. Enjoy :)

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