Diplomat cake with fruits

This amazing diplomat cake is one of my favorites. This recipe has been in my family as long as I`ve known myself. This is a cake that it`s made of a basic cake, a cream, and fruits. There are lots of possible combinations, and I know many recipes for this cake. But this one is my favorite. Last week was my birthday and Saturday I had some friends over. I made this cake and everyone loved it. 

Cocoa muffins

What can you do when you have unexpected friends just ringing your doorbell? And especially when they are looking forward to tasting some good homemade cookies or cake? I, for one, decided in 1 minute that I`ll bake some cocoa muffins, with a little whipped cream frosting. You can never fail with some freshly made muffins.

Easy and simple waffles

What can you do on a rainy and lazy Sunday afternoon? In my house: waffles!!! I haven`t made them for some time, so I was really happy that I didn`t forget my recipe. 

Easy simple muffins

  What can you do on a lazy afternoon? Right answer: muffins! I didn`t have very many ingredients at home, and I was too lazy to go and buy some to make muffins with all kind of combinations and different ingredients. So I decided to make some simple muffins.

Peanut butter cookies

   Some of my friends say I`m not quite a normal person. I don`t
really like peanut butter. I don`t know why, but it kind of tastes strange. But...there is a big BUT! Peanut butter cookies are absolutely great! I can`t find a reasonable explanation why I like so much these cookies although I don`t like peanut butter. You have to try them out.

Carrot and cheese muffins

     I`m back with a new muffin recipe. This one`s "star" is a really
healthy vegetable: the carrot! Maybe it seems a little strange to make muffins with carrots, but trust me, it`s a great combination. These are not just simple muffins, they`re the muffins you want to make for your kids if they don`t like carrots in normal food (or even zucchini, because these muffins have that too). Just try them out, and you won`t be sorry. 

Pumpkin muffins

   Strange ingredient for a muffin, right? That was my first opinion too. After I tasted it, I realized that this strange ingredient makes these muffins special: Pumpkin. Actually, you don`t have to use the real pumpkin (those you try to scare your neighbor with during Haloween). For these muffins, you have to use the small one, named zucchini. You can find them in any grocery store or at the market.

Strawberry and Kiwi Tart

 Strawberry and kiwi tart is a perfect way to calm down your sweet tooth on a summer lazy day. I don`t know why I said summer. Fruit cakes are good any time of the year. I just have the impression that some fruits are tastier in the summer. Anyway, let me tell you the recipe for this amazing tart.

Cheese dumplings

   You know those moments when you`re crawling for something sweet, but not too sweet? And you`re too lazy to bake an actual cake? Try these cheese dumplings. I made them last Sunday. It was a rainy day, so I wasn't` in the mood to prepare anything that would take me a long time. But I still had to make something because I really had a sweet tooth.

Pear cake

   I don`t really know why I haven't posted yet any recipes with fruits. I like cakes with fruits, not just like, I love them. So, for today, I will give you my recipe for this delicious cake with pears.
This is what you need:

Cappuccino muffins

As I said in some other posts, I just love muffins. Cheese muffins, with chocolate chips, pizza, it doesn't matter what they are, just to be muffins! I found a very interesting recipe the other days, cappuccino muffins. Of course, I was intrigued and I tried it. The muffins are delicious. Here is what you need:

Chocolate mousse for diabetics

   This recipe is for those with diabetes. My father has diabetes and he loves cakes. I know how hard it is to make something tasty and he can only have one little piece of it. I searched many recipes and tried many of them. I will share some recipes with you. If you have someone you love and he or she has diabetes, it will be much easier for you to make something tasty and still healthy and safe for them.

Royal white frosting

   How many times did it happen that you finally made your perfect cake, and now you don`t know what frosting you could decorate it?  It did happen to me plenty of times until I found this royal white frosting. It`s very easy and quick to make, and it looks good on any cakes or even cookies. Here is the recipe: