Diplomat cake with fruits

This amazing diplomat cake is one of my favorites. This recipe has been in my family as long as I`ve known myself. This is a cake that it`s made of a basic cake, a cream, and fruits. There are lots of possible combinations, and I know many recipes for this cake. But this one is my favorite. Last week was my birthday and Saturday I had some friends over. I made this cake and everyone loved it. 

Cocoa muffins

What can you do when you have unexpected friends just ringing your doorbell? And especially when they are looking forward to tasting some good homemade cookies or cake? I, for one, decided in 1 minute that I`ll bake some cocoa muffins, with a little whipped cream frosting. You can never fail with some freshly made muffins.

Easy and simple waffles

   What can you do on a rainy and lazy Sunday afternoon? In my house: waffles!!! I haven`t made them for some time, so I was really happy that I didn`t forget my recipe. 

Easy simple muffins

  What can you do on a lazy afternoon? Right answer: muffins! I didn`t have very many ingredients at home, and I was too lazy to go and buy some to make muffins with all kind of combinations and different ingredients. So I decided to make some simple muffins.