Tips for the actual baking procedure

  You prepared the ingredients and then mixed them. Don`t think you`re done yet! The actual baking procedure is very important too. It`s important to leave the cake in the oven as long as the recipe sais, not more, not less.

 When you put the composition in the tray, never fill more than 1/2 from the tray. You can use a small offset palette knife to spread the composition evenly in the tray.

   Always preheat the oven at the right temperature before putting in the cake.
    Once you put the cake in the oven, don`t disturb it! It`s very important not to keep opening the oven`s door. When half time passed, rotate the cake.
    If it`s not said in the recipe where to put it in the oven, always use the middle rack.
When the cake is in the oven, you almost always know when it`s done: when you smell cake in the kitchen. If you don`t know for sure if it`s done or not, use a toothpick . When it comes out clean from the center of the cake, it`s done. But don`t forget that when you`re testing the cake, don`t take it out from the oven.
  Never leave the cake more than you should, not even 4-5 minutes more.  Unless you want to end up with a dry cake.

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