Home made TIRAMISU

  Tiramisu is one of the cakes that has many recipes. I`ve tried many of them, and I decided to stick with this one. Tiramisu is a great cake, the only problem is that I tend to eat it very fast :(. 

The ingredients you need are:          
lady fingers
- 400 gr ladyfingers
- 4 egg yolks
- 200 ml milk
- 100 gr sugar
- 200 gr whipped cream
- 500 gr mascarpone cheese
- 1 simple milk chocolate

mascarpone cheese
First, boil in Bain Marie (or double boiler) the egg yolks, milk, and sugar. After it cools, mingle well with mascarpone cheese.
 Then, make a big cup of coffee, with no sugar. Now you have to put the ladyfingers in the cooled coffee. Put them one at a time, and don`t keep them too long in the coffee. Just put them in and grab them out. 

   Assemble the cake like this: the first layer is made of ladyfingers, add a layer of cream, half of the whipped cream, another layer of ladyfingers, cream and whipped cream on top. You can decorate with some grated chocolate. 

There you have it! Homemade tiramisu!


  1. Tiramisu is one of my favorites!! I had to look up 'bain marie' as I had never heard the term before - double-boiler is what my mom always called it. Thanks for the eye-candy and the recipe!

    1. Thanks for comming by. And I`ve never heard about double-boiler. But I will include the term in the recipe :)

  2. I love tiramisu!! we leave out the eggs because of the warm climate, it tastes just as wonderful! Mmmm, I am so ready for a piece right now...

    T is for...

  3. It is AMAZING. Never had it until about 20 years ago.

  4. That looks so yummy. I never heard of it before I got to New Zealand.

  5. Tiramisu is a favorite of mine too and I usually order it when I'm out for a nice dinner.


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