Home made snickers with nuts

   There are lots of recipes of home made snickers cake. I have two favourites, and the first one if this. The ingredients you need for the cake sheets are:

- 9 egg whites
- 200 gr sugar 
- 300 gr grund nuts
- 1 spoon baking powder
- 2 spoons flour

   First beat the egg whites with the sugar, then slowly add the rest of the ingredients. From the resulted composition, bake 3 cake sheets. 

This recipe has 2 creams. The first one is just caramalized sugar. Caramalize 18-20 spoons sugar, and grease all the 3 sheets with it.
For the second cream, you need:
- 9 egg yolks
- 200 gr powdered sugar
- 1 spoon instant coffee
- 1 butter
   Boil on bain marie the egg yolks, sugar and coffee. Once cooled, add the butter. And the second cream is done.
Put the second cream between the cake sheets, and your home made snickers is ready to be served. Enjoy

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