Home made marshmallows

   Homemade marshmallows are way better than those bought from the store. It has a real authentic taste. You can put these marshmallows on top of the muffins, in your hot chocolate or you just can eat them as they are. They`re great any way you eat them.

The ingredients you need are:
- 230 gr sugar
- 4 egg whites
- a pinch of salt
- a few drops of food coloring

   First, beat the egg whites with the salt until it thickens. Add a spoon sugar, and beat the composition. Add another spoon of sugar, and keep adding until you put all the sugar. Make sure you beat very well the composition so all the sugar has melted.
   Finally, add the colorant. You can use any color you want, pink, red, green, blue. If you want to make more than one color, just put some of the compositions in another bowl and mix it with another color. 

    Use a spoon or teaspoon (depending on how big you want to make the marshmallow) to put the composition on the tray. You can also use all kind of forms to make them (heart, round, cubes). Let it bake for about 90-100 minutes. Enjoy :)

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