Basic kitchen supplies

   Before you start baking, you have to make sure that you have all the supplies helping you in the kitchen. If you are a beginner, I will make you a presentation of the basic supplies that you need in the kitchen, followed by some tips. There are so many basic supplies, that I think it will take me more than one post. :)


First of all, you need a bowl in which to mingle the ingredients. Make sure you have more bowls, not just one, and in different sizes( small, medium and big ).

Then, you need things with to mingle the ingredients. For this, you have three options:
- you can use a metal spatula. You can use the one with the medium length blade, which prevents picking up cream from strange angles. 

 - you also have the rubber spatula. There are some silicone models very helpful because they are heat-resistant so you can use then for mingling any creams that you are boiling in a pot.

 - you can also use a tradition wooden spatula or spoon. But you have to be careful with this one to be new, or at least not very old. The wooden spatulas and spoons tend to carve out as the time is passing, and I`m sure that you don`t want some wood in your cream.  

Now, let`s talk a little about the trays. You should use the aluminum ones. I think they are the best for cooking cakes. If you like muffins, you should buy a special muffin tray, to make them easier. 


You should also have a whisk. Choose one with thin wires to make sure it`s light for you when whipping cream or egg whites. 

Another thing you should have is a grater. You need it for scraping the lemon or the cheese. Choose one with a sturdy handle.

And the last thing I will put in this post are the pots. You need several sizes, for when you have to boil the cream. 

Important!!! Never forget that all these supplies always have to be clean and dried!!!

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